happy baby pose | a sunny and smiley granada hills family session

Every time I walk up to the front steps of a home before a family session, I take pause and soak in the fact that I get to be a small part of so many lives, witnessing the sheer excitement and awe of first-time parents, the happy chaos of families with multiple children, and the loving environments that have been created specifically to nurture so many awesome little humans. It's a joy that I'll never take for granted—and this family made me feel that gratitude all over again when I was greeted by the most glowing mama I've ever seen.

She's one of those people whose resting expression is actually a smile—and it only became bigger and brighter and more contagious when we started talking about her daughter and motherhood. When I marveled at how utterly delightful this child was, she and her husband agreed that they were incredibly blessed with a buoyant, bubbly daughter, and the minute I started clicking my shutter button, I couldn't help but nod in agreement over and over. The soundtrack of the entire session was a symphony of three adults laughing, cooing, and fawning, and this little girl absolutely knew that she had us all in the palms of her delicious infant hands. To the three of you: thank you for an afternoon that can only be described as perfect, and congratulations on creating the world's happiest baby.