all rhoads lead to love | los feliz golden hour family session

I’m back! Things on the blog have been awfully quiet (for over a year, oops!), but it has been anything but that in real life. While my website got a little dusty, I’ve been busy capturing moments for incredible families and brands—and today I decided to break the hiatus with a very special session featuring my favorite photography duo, The Rhoads. I’ve long since looked up to this husband-and-wife creative team, so photographing their family was a huge honor to say the least. We hung out at home and at Griffith Park on a Friday eve this fall, and let’s just say that I’ll count this shoot as one of my forever favorites—not only because of the images that resulted, but because of the opportunity to work with these gifted souls. So without further ado, here are a few highlights from our time together.