A Light Filled Morning with Shiva Rose and Coco | Dôen Journal Feature

I first heard the name Shiva Rose almost two years ago from more than a few friends who swore by the brand's magical oils, creams, lotions and potions—and quite honestly, I didn't realize that the beauty line was the namesake of an equally magical woman who resides in the Santa Monica Mountains in a house that can only be described as the Narnia of SoCal. Meeting and photographing Shiva and her daughter Coco for Dôen was like stepping into one of those immersive dreams that you can only hope you don't wake from. Their home was a true sensory experience—from being greeted with the freshest blueberry pancakes to our backyard walks through lavender-lined paths—and the visual element I'm presenting below is only part of the story. For more on Shiva and Coco, be sure to read the full post so beautifully written by Dôen intern and muse Helen, and for a glimpse of what we found behind the doors of Shiva's otherworldly home, scroll down.