super lily, super exclusive | little minis limited edition fall lookbook

As a mother of a daughter who gravitates toward all things frilly and fanciful, Little Minis has been a household name around these parts for ages—so let's just say that photographing their recent super limited edition collection was right smack in my wheelhouse. If you're not familiar with this company and you have a little one who twirls their way through life, then the following images are just for you. And if you've already been stricken with a serious case of Little Minis fever (my hand is raised too!), then the following images are also for you (and don't say I didn't warn you when you find yourself adding all the new duds to your mental cart). Stay tuned for the big release this Friday, and in the meantime, enjoy the many faces of the incredible Lily (with a few cameos by Olive the dog too), pictured below in all the newest inventory up for grabs in t minus four days!