earning their stripes | los angeles family photography

This is now the fourth time I've sat down to write this blog post, quite simply because I have too much to say about this family—and I'm guessing you're itching to get scrolling. For those that are sticking around for the intro, please note that I have never met a more warm and inviting crew, right down to the million canine kisses from Dottie upon arriving. And I know for a fact that the Remender Family is something special: I was drawn to take Danni's photo earlier this year when I noticed her striking features and effortless beauty at the Shop-Up, and from there we began communicating (and I began anxiously awaiting to our end-of-summer session). 

The day of was beyond my expectations—these four are the family that you want to hang out with every weekend and all the days in between, and their home is a real oasis just beyond the frenetic energy of Los Angeles. My time with them was just a glimpse into their idyllic life, but after witnessing their loving and silly interactions and getting a taste of their infectious humor, I can attest that this fairytale is the real deal.