the buck stops here | west hollywood family photography

It all started with an inquiry from my website on a Thursday afternoon (actual excerpt: "man oh man I love your eye...also we have a lot of the same clothes"), and the rest of this session booking played out like a family photographer's fairytale. Guerrin may have found me on Instagram, but she's one of those women who I swear I was pals with in another lifetime—and when I showed up to their West Hollywood abode and was greeted with a hearty hug and a cheese platter, my theory felt truer than true. She and her husband Brett and their sweet boy Buck were in the midst of Sunday-ing, and I was there to capture them, as they are, without fuss or frills. They just got me—and the understanding and connection was completely mutual. It was one of those scenes that was so perfectly imperfect, it all already felt like a memory that I desperately wanted to preserve for them. Challenge accepted. 

The images that follow are some of my proudest to date. And Guerrin's email response after delivering the gallery was perhaps the most touching thing to ever hit my inbox. So yeah, I'm reeling with excitement to share these with you, Internet. To those who made it this far, keep scrolling, and thank you for visiting. And to those in the Los Angeles area who might be thinking about an in-home session to document life as it is, right this second, I would be thrilled and honored to be your Official Shutter Clicker.