strawberry fields | plain jane's spring '16 collection

There are infinite places to photograph in this grand state of California, and each time I venture to a new spot, I'm reminded of how vast and varied this place truly is. I recently had the opportunity to work with Jacqui and Emily of Baby Boy Bakery and Magic Kingdom Mamas (respectively), and we all took a little road trip an hour south of Los Angeles to Tanaka Farms at the height of strawberry season to photograph a few looks for Plain Jane.

Arriving as they opened and trekking off to an empty field apart from the school groups that were being ushered in by the busload, we were able to enjoy a quiet, overcast morning—and I honestly forgot I was just a short jaunt from the craziness of Lala Land. The following images feature Plain Jane's new spring collection, and I can't say enough about these signature 24-hour dresses. Whether you're a busy mom or just a gal who needs an extra ten minutes in the morning, be sure to check out these ensembles—gorgeous enough for daytime errands, comfy enough for nighttime slumber.

A special thanks to Sarah of Plain Jane for organizing this excursion from afar, and limitless gratitude for my glowing models (littles included!) who made the entire shoot a total breeze.