through the looking glass | glendale family photography

I'm a huge admirer of fellow Los Angeles-based photographer Lily Glass, and when the opportunity arose to photograph her family, I was admittedly a bit nervous (and by a bit, I mean my hands may have been sweating the whole drive to Glendale). Upon arriving, my nerves dissolved completely as I was greeted by Lily and Ben's spunky three-year-old—and without realizing it, I think I went into auto-mom mode. It was as if I was hanging out with my own pre-schooler (and one of the warmest families you'll ever meet). The hour that followed was one of the most easy-going of my career as a photographer. I was, simply put, a temporary fourth member of the Glass crew. Between the soft glow of the rare overcast morning and the sweet and silly dynamic between these three, my camera had a field day. Thank you, Lily, Ben and Ruth, for welcoming me into your idyllic home—and for sending me home with the best chocolate chip cookies in all of LA. May these images provide a glimpse into the awesome adoration you have for one another, and may you never stop baking treats when I come visit (wink, wink)—much love to you guys!