thriving together | inaugural modern mom playdate in pasadena

Becoming a mother was one of the wildest, most magnificent adventures I've ever embarked upon, but my first weeks and months with an infant was also incredibly terrifying and isolating. Had I had the opportunity to be a part of Modern Mom Playdate (a monthly gathering hosted by co-founders Jacqui of Baby Boy Bakery and Megan Armenta-Garcia) three years ago, I can guarantee I would have been much more self-assured and optimistic about the amazing journey ahead. In any case, I was so grateful to photograph yesterday's inaugural meet-up, and witnessing the collective strength of these mothers was something that even the most vivid photograph can't quite capture. I am so in awe of the two women who created such a beautiful community, and I look forward to seeing this grow into what will undoubtedly become a nationwide movement. Mamas in the Los Angeles area and beyond, I encourage you to follow along on their Instagram and don't miss the next playdate—you and your little one(s) deserve it!