laguna session with the ruiz family | table rock beach family photography

I met fellow photographer Carolyn Ruiz at Photo Field Trip over three years ago, and our connection ran deep from the first few sentences that were exchanged. We bonded over new motherhood and a shared quest to remain "cool moms" always—which of course made us quite the opposite, and we owned it. The following year we roomed together at Field Trip 2.0 and picked up where we left off with total ease—the two of us talked well into the wee hours each night as if we were high school girls again. She was my west coast counterpart, and it was even more apparent at this point that I needed to decrease the mileage between us. 

Fast forward to early March 2016, and here I am living within arm's reach (by Los Angeles standards) of Carolyn—and she not only gave me the incredible gift of her friendship, but her entire family gave me the opportunity to capture them in Laguna at Table Rock Beach. I have to be honest—the following images are some of my proudest to date, and I think they're a visual representation of this new California chapter for all of us. My gratitude for this family is limitless, and these photos are just a glimpse of the love and light that surrounds these four whenever I see them together. Here's to a bright future on the best coast!