Alice + Ames + zeal + joy | Family photography in Newport Beach

As the mother of a sartorially choosy three-year-old girl, I've been a passionate devotee of Alice + Ames since their inception in 2015. The brand has soared to massive success seemingly overnight as little ones across the globe are twirling their way through childhood in the most classic, playful dresses I've ever seen—just take one look at their Instagram and you'll understand their ubiquitous appeal in a heartbeat.

And the family behind the brand is just as sprightly and carefree and lovable—I know this because I had the extreme honor of photographing the Langs at Little Corona Beach during their California vacation (and I had the chance to finally give them hugs of gratitude this past April at the ShopUp LA after a year's worth of countless dress orders for my own daughter). The resulting images are so near and dear to me, I honestly want to carry a full set of laminated prints with me at all times so they become a physical part of who I am as a photographer. This family is a true embodiment of zeal and joy—and as cliche as it may sound, they make me want to embrace life with open arms and focus on nothing but positivity and sheer happiness. Knowing them is a true gift, and I'm so insanely excited to share a slice of that gift with you here.