Autumn Traditions | Apple and Pumpkin Picking in New York

It had been quite some time since I broke out my "fancy camera" for some more personal work, so when another collaboration with Zooey Magazine presented itself, I jumped at the chance to document some family time during an autumnal excursion to Wilken's Fruit and Fir Farm located an hour north of the city. After an exhilarating hayride into the orchards, Cami proudly chose four perfect Macintosh apples (three of which were half-eaten by the time we left the property), two petite pumpkins, and left with an appetite for fresh fruit and an extra bounce in her step. It was undoubtedly a fruitful visit for us all. 

A special thank you to Tea Collection for Cami's sweet dress, and of course to Zooey Magazine for featuring my work!