music together | soho new york wedding photography

Before you start scrolling through these wedding images, I strongly encourage you to click here to witness this couple in their element and feel the intense connection and mutual love and respect that they radiate toward each other—I honestly haven't seen anything quite like it. Laura and Rupert are extraordinary international musicians, and the language of their music describes their relationship far better than my words can—but I hope this post provides a glimpse of the raw emotion and unabashed joy that was felt earlier this month when they married in Soho and the West Village. 

Looming storm clouds seemed to follow us the entire day—and an ever-changing forecast added a little more tenseness than we would have liked—but the show went on, and I'm convinced that this crew's collective positivity and sense of humor kept the rain at bay until seconds after the ceremony ended. Following a teary exchange of vows in the Jefferson Market Garden and a passionate first kiss that was something out of a romance novel, the skies opened up and we raced for cover and a cab.

The evening continued at the Housing Works Bookstore in Soho, where guests drank and dined among the stacks, and as I shot from the balcony and then paused to take in the moody atmosphere while it poured on the cobblestones of Crosby, I decided that it just didn't get more New York than this. And the reception was—in an overused word—epic. Laura and Rupert's friends and family members played instruments, belted out songs, and graced the entire bookshop with more talent and feeling than the finale of The Voice, and I'm pretty positive that the droplets on my cheeks weren't from the rain outside. 

Laura and Rupert, I wish nothing but the very best for both of you, and I can't wait to continue to hear the music you'll make together (both literally and figuratively) in the months and years ahead.