super leo takes on brotherhood | brooklyn heights newborn photography

I have to say, newborn sessions with older siblings will always have my heart. There's nothing more magical than new life, but the additional variable of a toddler experiencing his or her new role as a big brother or sister certainly kicks up the level of emotion several more notches. I love nothing more than witnessing the mix of reactions (after all, this is major, major change regardless of age), and often I see the full gamut of feelings during a single photo session. The sweet big brother pictured in the images below tried out many hats while I photographed his family—that of a snake, lion, and superhero to name a few—but the most incredible was of course his loving protector hat, and he transitioned from wild animal to gentle Leo the very second I kindly asked for some sibling pics. In short, this one-week-old gal is an incredibly lucky baby who is already surrounded by an indescribable amount of love and affection—a good portion of which is gushing from Super Leo.