in their own backyard | long island family photography

While I always love scouting new locations and discovering new backdrops for sessions, there's really something to be said for frolicking as a family where you're most comfortable—at home, within the confines of your own familiar space. Our dear friends in Woodbury, New York, invited us to spend the evening at their home in the 'burbs, and when we arrived just before session time, I honestly had to hold back from doing countless cartwheels and squealing with delight when I saw their sprawling yard and the golden glow that blanketed the area. Weather and lighting conditions were perfection, the kiddos were two total delights, there were no passers-by to dodge in the background, and the field was quite literally our photography playground. Best of all, after our session, we were treated to pizza, beer, and some long overdue QT with four people who I really wish lived in closer proximity to Brooklyn.